Watch too many shows is soooo cool!

I've always saif that I watch too many tv shows but now turn out to be soooo cool! Yesterday I was watching the third season of How I met Your Mother when I was shocked by the location. I don't use to notice this kind of thing but .... at one point Marshall answered his cell phone and go outside the pub they use to go, it's not the first time but it's the first time from this angle and...bam! Here there is ....

How I met your mother 3x06 I'm not that man
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I knew I knew the diner in his back and ... here there are Bones, 3x17 ...

I'm speachless! can you imagine an imaginary world where, while Booth and Brennan are talking about their cases in the diner on the left, HIMYM people are talking about their stuff in the pub one the right ?!!? I wanna live in that world! XD As I said, watch too many shows sometimes turn to be soooo cool! 


This is the time when I miss my site about him... Zach has been nominated as Best Superhero as Sylar on Heroes. I think that no one deserve this award more than him. I started to love him in this role plus, with the cancellation of the show, this could be the last opportunity he has to win something for portraying Sylar, one of the best character ever so, please ....

Vote everyday since October 15th, vote from all the pc you turn on in the day and spread the voice! HE MUST WIN!!!! 

PS: And if you can, vote for Julie Benz HERE as Best Horror Actress .... i really love her! 

Various stuff ...

Hi! I know that lately I'm not around so much but I don't know what to say. I don't wanna write always the same things and I don't have all the time I had before to handle this place so, it happens that I found on Twitter the people I used to talk with here. Anyway, now I'm here just to let know who were wondered that ... I'm still alive ... thanks for the interest! XD But, now I'm here because:
1. I've just received a virtual gift from ckll from dean_sam  livejournal (if you love Supernatural you have to come here) and I just wanna thanks her! 
2. Last time I wrote here I promote my new sites and one of these was Jensen Ackles Network. Yesterday I created the community for the site and I wanna invite you all to join us at jensenacklesntw  ... I'm waiting for you! 

A big hug to everyone who remeber me and I use to talk with in the past! I have amazing memories of all of you at these days but I don't see most of you around anymore so ... I really hope you're gonna read this! 

I'm still alive ....

HI! Don't know if anyone care...I assume you already forgot about me XD but...I'm alive! It's a lifetime since I don't update this place! I used to care a lot about it and now I don't really have time to come here and update like I did and like I used to ... I hope that the people I used to talk with are still here. I know that not all of you are still here, and even if  this not depends on me, this make me sad anyway. I like the idea that I can stay away for a while, come here, and fine the same sweet and amazing people I use to know. Said that, there are a bunch of news in my life, very very important news! Sadly, I can't say that the nightmare of university is ended BUT I finally found a ob and that's awesome!!! I really like it, my boss is the sweetest person ever and ... it's a new beginning! Something I really needed, that why I didn't have time to update anymore! :( It's sad but I prefer to work XD If you're wondering which kind of job it is, to go straight to the point, we sell houses ... XD Talking about funniest thing even in my online life there are lots of news! I have 3 new websites and ... yes! I'm crazy! You haven't realized t yet!? Too bad for you XD I'm gonna present them to you ... click on the banner to enter the site.... (sites are still under constuctions because, if I hadn't time to update here, I don't have time even to do everything I would like to) so ...Collapse )

Yesterday I met Zachary Levi ... could you believe that?

Yesterday was one of the most awesome day of my life! I knew Zachary Levi ! And not just saw him ... I talked to him and he were listening and answer back XD I can't stop thinking about that and I have to write it because I still can't believe it ! As I previously told you, Zac was at Telefilm Festival yesterday - post here - and I still could believe that he would have been here in my city and that I could have the opportunity to see him in person but, what happened was completly unexpected ! In the morning he has a press conference and ... we attended it ! Zac was AMAZING ! He was so funny with everyone and he couldn't stop talking....he talks a lot and the translator had an hard day to translate everything. You can see the video of the event on YouTube - [1] - [2] - [3] - [4]. After this Zac went to lunch and me and my friends went in the place where, at 03.00 pm there will be the meeting with fans. There were thousand of people in line and they were there for hours and hours! We were lucky enough to have very very good place. Before Zac arrived, one friend of mine at Chuck Italia, Lucia, prepared a surprise for Zac. She gave one letter to everyone sit on the room and, when people put the letter on the air, you could read "Italia loves Chuck. Awesome to have you here Zac". When he arrived he didn't expect nothing of this and he almost cried XD We were so happy to have him here that he said " You know I'm not Brad Pitt right?!" (As I said, he's soooooo funny!) I love that guy! At the end of the meeting with fans we take a break and we tried to realized what just happened. Zac was simply awesome, so funny and happy to see how much Italy love his that my heart was full of joy! After that, I cut the story because it's sooooo long, we had the opportunity to met him in person, take some pics and sign autographs. Zac was the nicest person ever! He talked with us for hours! He woke up at 05:00, do tons of interviews, promo, pics and at 09:00 pm he still was talking to us. He had the restaurant at 09.00 but he had to postpone at 09.30 to stay with us! I already loved him but now...oh guys! He's the best man in the world! I just have to tell you but the details and pics will come as soon as I remember my name XD and I put all the stuff togheter! and ... WATCH CHUCK !!!! XD 

I cannot believe it !

Usually I use this place to vent when something go wrong but today I wanna share with you the news that made my day! You know how much I love Chuck do you? And you know how much I love Zachary Levi. Who have followed me for a while now know that I used to run a fansite about him so I really love that guy and.... I just discover directly from him (he posted it on twitter) that he will be in Milano on May 7th as a guest at Telefilm Festival! I love this event! I attended the last three years and I surely will attend it this year! This mean that I'm going to see Zac in person! I cannot believe it! I was so sad these days because in Rome there's the Jus in Bello Con with Jared, Jensen, Misha and all Supernatural stuff, my friends are there and I couldn't attend that this news really made my day! Yesterday I wanted to cry because I was not at the Con, today I would cry because I'm sooo happy for this news that I still have to realize it! I'm gonna see Zac! If I won't come back, it has been good to know you XD 

problems sucks !

You know what? I'm sick and tired of problems, but not for the problems itselves because they exists so, as soon as you accept it, as soon you'll live better, but I hate them as I've neve hate anything else because...they never come alone! I'm wondering why, when somthing happen, other 10 things have to happen all togheter! I mean, one huge problem isn't enough!?!?!? Nooooooooooooo Destiniy makes silly jokes sometimes and, when something huge happen to you, be just the beginning! How we can face everything if we don't have larger shoulders? And, if that's not enaugh...just think that we're so young that this is nothing! The good part of all this hat to come! I have this matter how bad things gone, I always think positive and I know there's a solution someway and I don't really know how good is this but, at the end....that's life, isn't it? We'll go through everything in a way or another, the most important thing is stick togheter and be friend... I'm sorry but I'm in one of those period when I need to see things positive so, I really need to vent a little. I think everyone can related with it. Have a good day and think always positive! 

Telefilm Festival 2010

I few weeks ago I asked you to vote for my site in a challenge between fans club! The finalists would have been speciale guests in a very important event dedicated to Tv Shows called Telefilm Festival [Official Site] . In 2008 we arrived 3rd and we received an award for that, an award that I keep as one of the most beutiful memories I have about my site, last year we were one of the finalists and I couldn't believe that but unfourtunately, this year, we don't reach even that goal! We are not 1 of the 10 finalists :( This make a part of me sad for what my site was and what it is and conscious that it will never ever be like that anymore, and another part of me very happy because, on my heart I know that I don't deserve it, at least this year! Indeed I haven't done so much to ask people to vote for me! Lots of things happen, lots of changes has been done and I had lots of troubles this year with the site!
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I'm here to ask you one of my dearest online friend who own a site that is partner with mine; Giuppy @ Supernatural Legend. He's one of the 10 finalists so he's in the 2nd phase of the challenge. Please, vote for him:

Send an e-mail @
with the text: Supernatural Legend (

For you it's just an e-mail but for my friend, his staff (that's awesome) and me (I've become crazy to help him with the site!) will be a great way to see how people appreciate our work ... and it's a lot of wark! So, thank you so much in advance!!!! 

Zachary Quinto & Drew Barrymore: Rufus Wainwright Live!

Tue, 16 March 2010

Zachary Quinto & Drew Barrymore: Rufus Wainwright Live!

Zachary Quinto & Drew Barrymore: Rufus Wainwright Live!

Drew Barrymore and her Charlie’s Angels co-star Lucy Liu pose with musician Rufus Wainwright after his Secret Live Performance at Gramercy Park Hotel’s Rose Bar in New York City on Monday night (March 15).

Rufus, 36, gave an intimate concert experience featuring tracks off of his first new studio album in three years, All Days Are Nights: Songs For Lulu, out April 20th.

Other celebs in attendance: Scarlett Johansson, Star Trek’s Zachary Quinto, Gossip Girl’s Penn Badgley, Amber Tamblyn, Alexis Bledel, Alan Cumming, designer Christian Siriano (with boyfriend Brad Walsh), Susan Sarandon, and her daughter Eva Amurri (with boyfriend Kyle Martino and her cousin).

15+ pictures inside of Rugus Wainwright’s concert at Rose Bar… More Here! »

Anna Paquin & Stephen Moyer: Make-A-Wish Mates

Mon, 15 March 2010
Anna Paquin & Stephen Moyer: Make-A-Wish Mates

Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer are ready for a good time at the Make-A-Wish Foundation’s Day of Fun at Santa Monica Pier on Sunday (March 14) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The True Blood actors and lovebirds joined actors including Mischa Barton and Matt Bomer in helping Make-A-Wish kids have a great day at the Pier!

Stephen and Anna took time to play after helping out at the event - the couple rode the Scrambler together! Also spotted at the Day of Fun was Stephen’s daughter, Lilac.

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